Survive Climate Change. Get a Gun.

Climate Change is happening right now. Expect it to cause social turmoil and impact your life soon so get ready.

Here’s a list of what I consider smart things to do. Please comment at to add your own suggestions.

1. Head for the hills.
   a. Water will be a huge issue. The basic truth is that the farther uphill you are the fresher your water will be. Try to live upstream of cities and as close to the source as possible. Stay out of large river basins.
   b. For the northern hemisphere precipitation is increasing in mid-latitudes between 40 and 70 degrees and decreasing between the equator and 30 degrees. Mid latitudes are probably best as long as you’re not in an area prone to flooding.
   c. I like the idea of living outside of town. Not so far away as to be completely isolated but far enough to have room to grow food, raise animals and preferably gather firewood.
   d. Heat causes fires. If you live outside of town, make sure there is enough defensible space to protect your house.
2. Get a small vehicle or a bike.
   a. Gas will become an expensive luxury and you still need transportation.

3. Do as much as you can afford to get your home energy efficient and self sufficient.
   a. If you live near a forest, install a wood burning stove.
   b. Insulate.
   c. Get energy efficient appliances. I don’t think the poison light bulbs are a good idea but checking the wattage on a frig or TV before you buy makes sense.
   d. Cut back. Live in a smaller home. If you don’t want to give up your McMansion, then at least only heat the rooms you use.
   e. If you can afford solar, wind or water power. Do it, but get simple systems with fewer parts that can break.
4. Grow as much of your own food as possible.
   a. You will have food.
   b. Less carbon emissions because less food will have to be mass produced.
   c. Less carbon emissions because less mass produced food will have to be transported.
   d. Less carbon emissions because organic farming using compost versus chemicals, binds carbon into the ground instead of into the atmosphere. If we all grow some veggies we could sequester billions of tons of Carbon.
   e. You will get some exercise.
   f. You will know what you’re eating.

5. Travel less.
   a. As oil becomes more expensive we will be de-globalizing, heading for more local economies so try to establish yourself as an asset to the local community early.
6. Stockpile essentials without going overboard.
   a. Enough food to last a while but not so much as to cause it to expire. I suggest stocking the things you eat anyway and gaging the reserve amount by how much you use and how fast it expires.
   b. Clothes to last several years. It doesn’t have to be fashionable but functional. Good boots, jackets, sweaters, pants, hats and gloves might become scarce.
   c. Keep camping equipment like propane, a heater and a stove handy.
7. Get a Gun.
   a. You may have to hunt for food.
   b. You may have to protect yourself.


Our World is in Turmoil. Let’s fix it.

I am fed up with our government, with our tax system and the way we treat our home, the earth. I’m a liberal but by no means bleeding heart. I’m environmentally aware but not a tree-hugger. I’m simply pissed off and quite frankly I don’t know what to do except to vent my frustration in this blog and hope that talking about things will lead to awareness, answers and action.

We, including myself live in a world of contradictions. We know we are rapidly running out of resources yet we still drive SUV’s. We know that we are changing the world’s climate yet we still burn fossil fuels because it’s comfortable and industry can make more money as oil becomes more scarce.

Politicians have already changed our “civil rights” to “civil liberties” with no one standing in the way as they rapidly chip away at what’s left. Our leaders have recognized that fear is power and have used today’s mass media to make us afraid. When I walk the streets of my home town or venture to the airport, I see more and more police “protecting” us from terrorists and child molesters. Don’t get me wrong, I know they are out there but I feel that the threat has been magnified by the media and that we have already reached a point where the “protection” is causing more harm than the threat.

Join me in my quest to speak out and change things one voice at a time until we are an army large enough to make a difference. Let us read between the lines and use our knowledge to change things.

I’m not saying that I have solutions for even a fraction of the world’s problems and I admit that as far as the environment goes, I am part of the problem. I’m not an expert on anything, I’m not exempt from wanting to live a comfortable life, but I do have a good portion of common sense and good intentions.

Join me if you think I make sense and post your own views if you think I’m full of shit. Either way, talking about it is the first step to solving any problem. Let’s hope we can tackle some of the ones we face today.