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I am fed up with our government, with our tax system and the way we treat our home, the earth. I’m a liberal but by no means bleeding heart. I’m environmentally aware but not a tree-hugger. I’m simply pissed off and quite frankly I don’t know what to do except to vent my frustration in this blog and hope that talking about things will lead to awareness, answers and action.

We, including myself live in a world of contradictions. We know we are rapidly running out of resources yet we still drive SUV’s. We know that we are changing the world’s climate yet we still burn fossil fuels because it’s comfortable and industry can make more money as oil becomes more scarce.

Politicians have already changed our “civil rights” to “civil liberties” with no one standing in the way as they rapidly chip away at what’s left. Our leaders have recognized that fear is power and have used today’s mass media to make us afraid. When I walk the streets of my home town or venture to the airport, I see more and more police “protecting” us from terrorists and child molesters. Don’t get me wrong, I know they are out there but I feel that the threat has been magnified by the media and that we have already reached a point where the “protection” is causing more harm than the threat.

Join me in my quest to speak out and change things one voice at a time until we are an army large enough to make a difference. Let us read between the lines and use our knowledge to change things.

I’m not saying that I have solutions for even a fraction of the world’s problems and I admit that as far as the environment goes, I am part of the problem. I’m not an expert on anything, I’m not exempt from wanting to live a comfortable life, but I do have a good portion of common sense and good intentions.

Join me if you think I make sense and post your own views if you think I’m full of shit. Either way, talking about it is the first step to solving any problem. Let’s hope we can tackle some of the ones we face today.




  1. HI Ron, as you well know I live in Germany and as far as the evironment is concerned we have the same issues. As to the politics, in america you still get to vote for changes, in Germany we are told what the changes will be.

  2. Hi Ron and Peggy,
    Thanks for speaking what you are thinking and feeling. I live in Munich. I already like both of you guys. I am just waking up to things like DU and arctic methane clathrate tipping points. It does not look good for human beings. I just got a piece published at this counter currents link: and I will have a website up at in a few weeks. Stay in touch if you want. What I am thinking is three steps: keep sharing the info to raise awareness asap, just stop behaving in the old culture with a Just Stop Team, and if you get that far, build an ark, an energetic vessel of commitment to creating and living in sustainable culture. Take care,
    Have fun,

  3. It’s easy to find myself agreeing with much of what you say Ron – I’ve been concerned over the irrational disregard for sustainability since the 60’s.

    Please take a little time to view the wikizine I’ve been putting together over the last few weeks – – contributions are welcomed!

    Our children will not thank us if we don’t make an effort to strike some balance into the global ecosystem – those that claim climate change is a myth may yet concede that to act now wont damage their futures, whereas to disregard the warning signs benefits no one in the long term – just the transient economic greed of the few………


    Dave aka Rhumour

  4. Hi Ron, you make some very good points on this site. We can only hope for the sake of our children and their future families that more and more people are getting these types of messages. Many of our conservative leaders are in denial that this problem exists, or maybe they are in denial because it cuts into profits for big business. Either way, unless we are able to convince the world that this problem is real and it is at our doorstep we could reach the point of no return. As long as our leaders are catering to special interest groups, big business and the elite (big money) I don’t think we have a chance. Let’s hope the voices of millions can change their minds.

    Good luck with this awareness project and thanks for your efforts.

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